Ecoscaping…Go Green this Spring

It’s April and it’s safe to say that most everyone here in Minnesota is anxiously awaiting Spring. Gardeners have started their seedlings, landscapers are reviewing projects and retailers are stocking inventory. It is during this time, that we start planning our Spring landscaping improvements and additions. According to the Garden Writers Association, consumers are planning to spend on average about $600 on their yards and gardens this year, where expenditures include making improvements and doing maintenance.

Cobblestone Square Patio Stones

One of the top eco-friendly trends for 2011 is ecoscaping…sustainable landscaping. In other words, improving the look of the landscape without sacrificing the health of the environment. For example, implement rainwater harvesting and replace large areas of grass with eco-friendly plants and decorative hardscapes, such as patios, paths and decks thereby reducing the need for water.

Foot Notes™ Patio Stone Set

Going green has become more than just a fad; it has become the popular on-trend movement enticing socially conscious consumers into making environmental improvements that not only help our planet but also helps them economically over time.

Slaton Plus™ Paver Patio


Anchor Block Company pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors to create everything from the most intricate patterns to sweeping patios and timeless cobblestone driveways, to winding walkways and luxurious pool decks.