Why 2012 is a Great Year for a Landscaping Project

If you think the staycation is over, think again. Millions of Americans are weathering the recession by cancelling expensive travel plans and staying home. In doing so, we’ve fallen in love with our homes, including our front and back yards. Barbecues are replacing resort restaurants and greeting neighbors in the front yard is as novel as visiting a new city.

If you’re staying home this summer, consider a landscaping project to get the maximum enjoyment from your yard. Here are the top landscaping trends to consider.

Vegetable Gardening. Treat family and friends to fresh produce that flourishes in your growing zone (Zone 4 for most of Southern Minnesota). If you don’t have a large lot, small spaces work well and you can begin your gardening with just a few plants. Nurseries and garden centers are adding exciting plant varieties too, like heirloom tomatoes that are perfect for even beginning gardeners.

Drought-Resistance. After a dry winter, most of the upper-Midwest will suffer from drought conditions. Consider native plantings and rain gardens to minimize water use. If you’re thinking about a new driveway or a patio, consider installing permeable pavers
because the pavers are a self-draining system that drains rain water through the pavement to soak into the soil.

Fire & Water. As people stay close to home, we continue to use our yards as an entertaining space. Fireplaces are widely available and ideal for entertaining because they bring people together. Water features are moving from elaborate ponds that require maintenance to small containers that add soothing sounds to the patio area.

Out Front. Few residents outside of the Upper Midwest appreciate stepping outside after a long winter like we do. While the backyard is perfect for private entertaining, more homeowners are adding front yard patio areas with freestanding walls for impromptu sitting and comfortable furnishings for lounging.

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