Plan a Fall Landscaping Project

There’s plenty of great weather remaining in the Upper Midwest to complete and enjoy new landscaping projects. As you pack away the beach towels and wave to the school buses, consider these fall landscaping possibilities.

Spruce Up the Entry

Increase your home’s curb appeal in big and small ways. Start small by planting new perennials and adding seasonal, cool-weather plants like mums and pansies to transition your outdoor décor from summer to fall. Check out online resources for inspiration, like, which offers photos and ideas to inspire front yard creativity.

Hardscape products like pavers, columns and freestanding wall systems are a permanent way to make a great first impression. Front yard courtyards are great for seating and can be made using the Brisa® multipiece freestanding and retaining wall systems. Adding creative accents like columns, lighting, and coordinating pottery for annual plants pulls the space together for a unified look.

Beautiful Ground Cover    

Concrete paving systems are a durable, long-lasting way to improve a patio, driveway or walkway. Pavers are available in a variety of colors, textures and shapes, and many systems offer multiple sizes to create patterns.

Kingston Paver Driveway

Kingston™ paving system

Concrete pavers are manufactured to meet strength and durability requirements so they stand up well in harsh winter climates. For easy do-it-yourself paver installation instructions, visit Better Homes & Gardens.

Evening Warm-Up

There’s no better way to extend the use of your outdoor space beyond summer than with a fireplace. There are many styles and sizes available to warm up cool fall nights.

Stone Age Fire Place

Stone Age fireplace with Highland Stone® freestanding wall system

Stone Age fireplaces are modular kits that can be customized by size, shape, and choice of veneer options, including brick, pavers or natural stone. Fireplaces can be freestanding or integrated into a seating wall, with options such as storage space for wood or decorative mantles.

Fashion Meets Function

Every yard has a troublesome feature that stands between you and enjoyment. Here are some creative, attractive solutions to common landscaping challenges.

Change a hard-to-mow slope into a garden by installing terraced retaining walls.

Brisa retaining wall system

Brisa® retaining wall system

Add stairs to improve accessibility to all areas of the yard.

Diamond Stone Cut Retaining Wall

Diamond Stone Cut® retaining wall system

In low-lying areas, water pooling from poor drainage can make the space unusable. Take back the space and make it beautiful by installing pavers and retaining wall systems. Consider consulting a contractor or a landscape supply dealer to design and install a good drainage system.

Paver patio

Diamond Stone Cut® retaining wall system with Kingston™ paving system

Replace a worn or unattractive wooden deck with a raised patio and benefit from low-maintenance and extend your living area into the backyard.

Highland Stone freestanding wall system

Highland Stone® freestanding wall system

There’s plenty of warm weather left to realize your landscaping dreams.  For more information and to view our catalog, visit our website at Whatever inspiration you find to make your landscape dreams come true, click over to our Facebook page and tell us about your favorite projects.