Do-It-Yourself Landscape Projects

Enjoy autumn days by working in the yard on a landscaping project. You’ll reap the rewards of your hard work when spring arrives and it’s time for planting.

Build a Retaining Wall

Today’s light-weight, easy-to-install concrete retaining wall systems are available in many styles, sizes and colors.

Flagstone Retaining Wall

Flagstone retaining wall system

The blocks are perfect for creating raised flower gardens, terracing a slope or creating a border to define a space. The Natural Impressions® Flagstone and Anchor™ ChiselWall® retaining wall systems feature colors and face patterns that resemble natural stone. You can find retaining wall blocks at several retailers including Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

Assemble a Do-It-Yourself Fire Pit

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can construct a fire pit using ready-to-assemble concrete retaining wall blocks. Most fire pits require minimal yard space.

You can purchase the Anchor™ Hudson Stone™ fire pit kit at Lowe’s stores. The kit is easy to assemble and includes a liner to build a circular-shaped fire pit.

Fresco Fire Pit Kit

Fresco™ fire pit kit

The Anchor™ Fresco™ fire pit kit features retaining wall blocks, a liner and cooking grate along with easy-to-follow instructions. The kit is available at The Home Depot and at independent dealers that carry Anchor products.

Find complete installation instructions on the Anchor Block Company website.

Lay a Pathway

Concrete patio stones that look like natural flagstone can be installed as a walkway or patio. Manufactured products such as the Anchor™ Foot Notes® patio stone set provide do-it-yourselfers with a natural, stone-like look but with uniform heights for easy leveling.

Foot Notes Patio Stone Set

Foot Notes® patio stone set

Fall is a great time to enjoy your yard and an opportunity to get out and be productive in the dirt! For more information and to view our product catalog, visit the Anchor Block Company website. Whatever inspiration you find to make your landscape dreams come true, click over to Facebook and tell us about what you found.