Want to Improve Your Social Life? Just Add Fire.

We’re more like our ancient ancestors than we think. Turns out that fire was used in early times for socializing, just like today’s neighborhood bonfires draw family and friends.

In fact, conversing over a fire may have helped humankind evolve. According to anthropologist Polly Wiessner, it was over a fire where we learned our social behaviors. Day talk was primarily about economic matters, while evening talk over a fire was less about the tensions of the day and more about sharing stories and ideas.

If you’d like to enjoy the modern-day social benefits of a fire feature, there are many products to help you add some warmth to your yard.

Do-It-Yourself Fire Pit Kits

A relatively easy, low-cost and fast way to make fire is to use a kit that includes assembly instructions, concrete blocks and a metal insert. These fire pit kits come in a variety of shapes and styles, and can be found through your local home improvement store, landscape dealer or online. Contact us for more information on where to buy fire features for your yard.

Fresco Square Fire Pit Kit

Fresco™ square fire pit kit

For a first-hand account of what a project like this entails, read Baptism by Fire Pit by a New York Times columnist who recently chronicled his experience building a fire pit in his yard.


Fire place and paver patio

Stone Age outdoor fireplace with Charleston™ paving system

Outdoor fireplaces are beautiful additions to the landscape – and are stunning at night with a roaring fire. They’re permanent additions to your landscape and typically require installation by an experienced contractor. Fireplaces can also be a starting point for building a beautiful patio, adding a seat wall or creating a new outdoor room.

Fall is a great time to plan and install a fire feature and you’ll be surprised at how a fire pit or fireplace prolongs your outdoor season – often well into winter – and draws crowds to socialize any time of the year.

Visit Anchor Block Company’s website for more information on fire features, including retail locations, installation instructions and project photos.


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