5 Do-It-Yourself Projects to Transform Your Landscape

Updating your outdoor space has never been easier! The unique shape of the Tango™ lawn-and-garden project block allows you to create columns, seat and freestanding walls, battered or vertical retaining walls, planters, edging and more!


Tango™ lawn-and-garden project block

Here are 5 DIY landscape projects — all installed with the project block and the accent products of your choice — to transform your home’s landscape.

Tango Tall Column_639x342


1. Columns. Columns can be used as standalone home exterior features or as a finishing touch to seat walls and garden walls. They’re a great place to showcase potted plants or house numbers, or to wire light fixtures.

SRW-Battered Wall_Angle 1_Small Cap_Buff-Brw

Retaining walls

2. Retaining walls. A retaining wall is built to retain soil — and is a wise solution for any homeowner looking to add usable space to a sloped yard. Plants, flowers and rocks can help unify the wall with its natural surroundings; caps and other accents offer a custom look.


Privacy screening

3. Privacy screening. Freestanding walls are an inviting feature that can easily be added onto existing paver patios. Bonus: The wall’s top surface can also act as a place to rest refreshments, games and other fare and ware during outdoor gatherings.

Tango Planter_639x342


4. Planters. Whether to add vertical interest to a lawn or to help keep rabbits and other garden invaders away, the Tango project block can be used to make a beautiful and lasting home for herb, flower or vegetable gardens.

Tango Edger_639x342

Landscape edging

5. Landscape edging. The versatile Tango project block can also be used as an edger, which means it can accent any of the features above or be used alone to define flower beds, walkways and patios.

Which of these projects would you use to transform your backyard? Tell us about it in the comments below, or visit our Where to Buy tool to find the Tango project block retailer near you.


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