5 Multipurpose Landscaping Products

Using a single product for your landscape project can save you time — while shopping for materials and during installation (since you might not have to sort through so many different pieces or instructions) — and can give your outdoor living space a unified look. Consider these multitasking landscape products for your next project.

1. Holland paversThis classic paving system works beyond the patio, driveway or walkway to accent columns or garden walls, as shown below.

Holland paving system as wall accent

Holland pavers used as an accent can unify the look of a driveway and nearby garden wall

2. Fresco™ wall systemThe versatile pieces of the Fresco™ wall system allow homeowners and contractors to create a variety of upright landscape elements, from walls and columns to fire pits and more. But they’re also an attractive option for edging planters or paths, offering a rustic look to landscapes from the ground up.

Fresco™ blocks can be oriented in any direction to create walls, columns or landscape edging

Fresco™ blocks can be oriented in any direction to create walls, columns or landscape edging

3. 16″ x 16″ patio stone. This basic patio stone may seem like an everyday choice for a patio, but social media has made it hip to be square. Pinterest has become so filled with new ways to use or customize this stone that it’s even the theme of do-it-yourself workshops at home improvement stores across the country.

Paver Planter-THD

The 16″ x 16″ patio stone easily combines with other common building materials to create unique outdoor elements

The product also pairs perfectly as a cap or stair tread with the next item on our list, the Tango™ lawn-and-garden project block.

The 16

The 16″ x 16″ patio stone can be used as stair treads or to cap walls and columns

4. Tango™ lawn-and-garden project block. This block’s unique T-shape makes building garden walls, planters, columns and other projects as easy as 1-2-3. It can also be placed into the ground as an edger to retain mulch or soil, making the Tango project block truly the block that does it all.


The Tango™ lawn-and-garden project block can be used as a wall block or as an edger

5. Landings™ step unit. This 48-inch-long step unit adds grand style to stairways and entrances with its quarried limestone appearance — but that’s not all. Its textured rises and smooth ends allow the Landings step unit to be placed tandem or side by side to create stairways, landings or longer treads for seamless transitions between elevations in any landscape.

Landings Step Unit

The Landings™ step unit builds stairways, landings or longer treads

This list of double-duty products contains only a few of the beautiful wall and paving systems available from Anchor Block Company. Find more inspiration on our Facebook page or visit our website to request a free catalog.


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