Use Raised Gardens to Elevate Your Landscape

Fresco™ wall system

If you’re looking for an attractive and effective way to showcase your favorite herbs, vegetables or flowers, look no further than a raised garden.

Raised gardens with lasting beauty should be made with concrete wall blocks. They can be installed to fit any landscape, whether as a standalone planter or as a retaining wall that abuts a home, porch or other structure.

Hudson Stone™ wall system

Brisa® wall system

They’re great for separating plants that have specific purposes or needs (for example, edible plants or those that need more drainage space). Some people also believe that tending to raised gardens alleviates the back and knee strain that can come with maintaining plants at ground-level.

One thing’s for sure: Raised gardens offer a finished look that is easy for contractors or homeowners to install. Visit the Anchor Block Company website to find more inspiring planter or terraced wall photos or to download do-it-yourself instructions.


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